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NTC Auto Body In Fishkill Since 1990

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  • Our paint department is run by Arturo Hernandez and backup painter Michael McGarry. Arturo started with us in 1995, Mike in 2003. We use Spies Hecker refinishing systems. Spies Hecker is the highest quality paint system on the market, started Cologne Germany in 1875 to this date is second to none in quality. Paint is applied only with SATAjet HVLP paint guns, in our custom full down draft paint booth. From orange peel to metallic flow, factory duplication is our priority.
  • Our Frame and chassis department is run by Craig Booth has been in house since 1995. Craig is a certified Chassis Liner expert, from a small "tweak" in the frame-unibody, to a "train wreck" all vehicles are restored to no tolerance factory specifications. In today's collision repair frame damage is not what it used to be, a badly damaged full frame like what is found in a full sized pickup truck is not repaired, but replaced. Cars in general have a unitized body and no frame, a damaged unibody is designed to be cut out and replaced, and for us it is common practice.
  • Sheet metal replacement is performed by Kenny Kryiger and Michael McGarry, Ken has been with us since 2003. Sheet metal is a behind the Sean procedure, the finished product is seen by the paint work, body lines, and assembly. Kenny and Mike's job is to repair, hang and weld sheet metal, to properly weld and seal unitized parts is imperative to anti corrosive quality for years to come. Years ago sheet metal such as fenders, quarter panels, door skins and roof panels were welded onto the vehicle, today most panels are glued on with stronger than welding epoxy sealants by 3M. When panels are epoxyed they are not only stronger, they get a one hundred percent better anti corrosive repair aspect. NTC also installs windshields in house, along with 3M panel bonding products, we use 3M glass urethane backed up by PGW glass. Most shops subcontract out glass work to the lowest bidder and have second rate glass installed in the parking lot. Auto glass is underrated, but it is a imperative safety factor because it protects occupants in the car from flying road debris such as rocks, parts falling from other vehicles and for the most part deer impact. Ken and Mike's expertise is one of the main reasons we can offer a lifetime guarantee.
  • Final assembly and general shop support, is Jorge Gureon's department, assembly and final inspection is naturally an important process. A small imperfection that cannot be picked up by the regular eye can be picked up by an appraiser when the vehicle is being traded in or being resold. Jorge has been with NTC since 2006.
  • NTC Auto Body supports ten long term employees and their families. If a vehicle we repaired has a quality issue down the road due to our craftsmanship, we want to be the first to know about it.