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No appraiser or insurer shall refer the insured to or away from any specific repair shop or require that repairs be made by a specific repair shop or individual. Simply put, the choice is entirely yours. And even more importantly, the insurance company has no legal right to insist that you should go to one body shop over another. It is against NY regulations for anyone representing an insurance company to steer you to one of their insurance shops or away from the shop of your choice. They also cannot tell you that they won’t pay for the repairs completed in a body shop of your choosing, or that the repair costs will be higher. Some of the things you will hear from insurance representatives after a car accident will be intentionally misleading. Their motivation for doing this is to increase their profit margins, often at the expense of the quality and safety of your repair. They also may not pay for some necessary procedures that are critical for your vehicle. This is not in your best interest and we are your advocate in this process.

Even though these actions are illegal, we see it all the time in our line of work. However, as a collision repair shop with a reputation to uphold, we will never cut corners to complete the repair for you.


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